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Why Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters Has What It Takes To Maximize Your Settlement


Our Coachella Valley Location Is Paramount To Your Success. I live and work in the Coachella Valley … I can be anywhere in about 15 minutes. Why does this matter to you? We represent YOU … every time the insurance company needs to address an issue regarding your claim, we need to be there in-person. You need an advocate who is willing to negotiate in-person dozens of times if that’s what it takes to earn you a higher settlement!

30+ Years of Experience. I’ve worked as a licensed real estate broker, insurance agent, and employee insurance adjuster. I’ll provide you with the highest quality of work and customer service. I know how to play the insurance company’s game … and win.

​Technical Experience. Our years of technical expertise in writing line-item damage estimates and documenting structural damage – the key items required by your insurance company – result in thorough and thoughtful estimates so that you receive every penny you deserve.

​My Personal Touch. Call the phone number above. You’ll reach me.

​I Don’t Live 100+ Miles Away Like Nearly All Of My Competition. I’m a Coachella Valley resident and can be at your home in 15 minutes or less.