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Vandalism & Theft insurance claims are challenging, particularly because it is difficult for the insured to remember or notice everything that might be missing or damaged right away. In this case, typically the first thing the insured does is to call the police so an investigation can be conducted. Since this normally happens immediately after the loss, it is likely that all of the damaged or stolen property will not be included in the initial police report. Many insurance companies will require you to revise or update your report with the police, which can be time consuming and frustrating as most police departments are understaffed, overworked, and are subject to limited resources. Your home may also be ransacked and damaged after this type of loss. Detailed and accurate claim file documentation will be necessary in order to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement. This is our area of expertise, so there is no doubt we can help you through this process.

Dealing with the stress of a home robbery and home vandalism is emotionally taxing. And then on top of that, you have to deal with complex insurance forms and questions that are not usually asked. Avoid this uncomfortable situation with an insurance adjuster and call the independent claim adjusters at Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters to fight for your claim, without the stress. We are experts at detailed and accurate claim file documentation, so you can rest easy knowing that you will receive a fair and reasonable settlement for your vandalism and theft claim.

I forgot about a few things after a home robbery, can I get compensation through my insurance?
If you have just been the victim of vandalism or theft damage to your home, call Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters right away. Even before you have filed a police report, because the reality is that you are stressed out and dealing with a traumatic experience. This stress will increase the odds of forgetting, or messing up your insurance claim. We have the experience to handle the complexity of filing your insurance claim. Get in touch now.

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I need to make a vandalism and theft claim with my insurance, but I haven’t called the police, is that a problem?
Not at all. This is actually preferably because the rate in which clients forget, or misinform the police on what has been damaged or stolen is common. Our business revolves around putting a stop to the misinformation and forgetful nature of insurance claims. We will help you get through the process of making a full claim for your personal belongings and property, and get you the most compensation for your claim.

Is it worth using a public insurance adjuster for a simple vandalism and theft claim?
It is. Unlike other types of insurance claims, vandalism and theft claims come with a certain plea to humanity, and this plea is usually ignored by insurance claims agents who have become numb to these situations. Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters puts the humanity back in making an insurance claim. We fight for you on a level that insurance companies can’t ignore.

Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters brings the humanity back to theft and vandalism claim. A Theft Insurance Claims Adjuster like us will deal with the stress so you don’t have to. We can help you with your claim if you live in Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, Indio, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Desert Hot Springs, Morongo Valley, Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms, Yucca Valley, and Mecca. Call us for immediate attention.

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