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Earthquake Damage is almost always covered under a separate earthquake policy and it is likely that your homeowner policy excludes it completely. If you do have separate earthquake coverage AND sustain damage as a result of an earthquake, it is most likely that you are one of thousands who have been affected. During this type of potentially catastrophic event, adjusters are greatly challenged. The potential for them to rush through your claim and get to the next one is at its highest and will likely result in a much lower settlement than you deserve. For this reason, we strongly recommend you contact us in the event of earthquake damage.

You would think earthquake insurance and homeowners insurance would be synonymous in Southern California. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Earthquake coverage is almost always in a separate policy. If an earthquake damages your property, call an Earthquake Damage Insurance Claims Adjuster like Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters immediately. During these times, insurance adjusters are in a rush to handle the many thousands of calls they are most likely getting. An independent insurance adjuster like Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters has the staff and time to give the specific attention to get your claim done right.

Just had an earthquake rock my houses foundation, where should I look for an insurance adjuster?
If you live in Southern California, anywhere in between Mecca and Joshua Tree, or between Twentynine Palms and Banning, Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters can help you manage and file your earthquake insurance claim with confidence. You can rest easy knowing that third party professional insurance adjusters are on the case.


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I’m trying to maximize my earthquake damage claim, what should I do?
Call Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters now. We make sure our clients get the maximum amount allowed for their earthquake damage claims. We will handle the complicated matter of dealing with the insurance company and making a proper claim on your behalf. We will also advise you on dealing with repair companies that say they will accept insurance, but then bait and switch you into a situation where you owe money. When earthquakes occur, these individuals end up targeting victims.

Is earthquake damage covered by my homeowners insurance?
More than likely it is not and is always under a separate policy specifically for earthquake insurance. If you have lived in Southern California for any stretch of time, you know that earthquake insurance is a must, but if you ever have to use it, make sure to contact Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters before you talk to your insurance provider. This will ensure that you are not hornswaggled out of anything you rightly deserve.

The fear of “The Big One” is a constant fear in Southern California. Especially after the Northridge quake, earthquake insurance coverage has never been more important. Don’t try and make a claim with your insurance company after you suffer earthquake damage, call Paul Dix Insurance Adjusters to let us handle the claim for you. We will make sure to fight for maximum compensation within your policy.


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